Sleeping Better

It seems Aaron has finally started sleeping a little better. Maybe it's just that we have settled back down into a routine better. I've gotten better at putting him down for naps and MAKING him sleep. (I adopted and adapted John's "Sleeper Hold")

A few nights ago John had a little "chat" with Aaron at 3 in the morning. I have been getting up with him every night for the last few months and it was REALLY wearing on me. Especially since he was sleeping through the night around 4 and 5 months. I was grumpy a lot and John would sleep through it - never even notice he was crying. He used to hear it when Aaron was a newbie but now he knows that I'll take care of it (because I nurse him and he can't do anything about that) so he sleeps soundly knowing that Aaron is taken care of by me. Anyway, this was starting to bug me and I didn't say anything to John. It was to the point where Aaron wasn't really nursing, he was just waking up and wouldn't cry himself back to sleep - I was rocking him back to sleep or turning on Scout - his toy dog that sings to him. Finally I snapped one morning and John and I had some words - he didn't know how I was feeling because I never said anything - I just stewed about it.

So the next night, HE got up with Aaron. He told me he had a conversation with Aaron before he put him back in his bed that went something like this, "Boy, you'd better figure out how to sleep through the night again soon because I don't think I can handle your mommy if you don't." He layed him back down, turned Scout on and he went right to sleep. That was about 4 nights ago
and Aaron has slept through the night since!


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