So much to blog little time

I'm falling behind!!!! I forgot to blog about our date to the Spring banquet a few weeks back... and now I need to write about Mother's day at the zoo... and... AARON TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!!!!! So much is going on and on top of that, I have been SUPER busy with video projects for graduates. This is graduation week and then next week is my grandma's 90th birthday party! YAY!

All that said... I'll have to tell you about the mentioned events soon...but not right now. Hopefully I'll have some time freed up on Friday. Maybe by then we'll have some video footage of Aaron's first steps! (Daddy won't let me do it until HE can be there too!) :) I guess that's fair since it was him who witnessed the first three steps.

More to come - I'm off to make some mula...