BAK here we come!!!!!

And we're off!  Got the R.V. packed up last night and finally hit the pillow at 2:30am.  5:30 rolled around awfully fast but that's what adrenaline is for!  The trip to Goodland was fun and went by fairly quickly.  We slept on the bed, used the bathroom, washed our hands, made coffee and prepared lunch all on the road!!!!  R.V.  life is awesome! 

We rolled into Goodland around 3:00 excited and ready to ride.  The time zone here is Mountain but the BAK is staying on Central so the times that meetings and stuff start is a little tricky. 

After registration we hit the road and took along Terry Busch with us to the Colorado Border.  We got some excellent pictures and off we went!! 

More to come on Day 2!!!

Total Miles:  18


  1. So excited for you all and glad that you are keeping us well posted! Have a super time. I love you. Kiss your toddler for me!

  2. By the way: looks like you four put the "color" in "colorful Colorado!"


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