Bikes, Bikes, Everywhere Bikes!

Today marks the first full day although it was one of the shortest rides – 38 miles.  Somehow I managed to get to bed late again – midnight and woke a few times with Aaron so we were pretty slow moving this morning.  Our phones and GPS had adjusted to the Mountain time zone so it was actually an hour later even.  We finally hit the pavement around 10am and were part of about 30 riders holding up the rear!  We’ll do better tomorrow.
The ride was nice – weather is perfect!  We stopped in Brewster for a BAK provided lunch/brunch of biscuits and gravy, muffins, fruit, eggs, and juice.  I’ve never enjoyed food so much in my life.  We truly get to eat our way across Kansas!  Grandma, Granddad, and Aaron met us there and said hello as they passed on through to Colby.  Aaron had fun running errands to Wal-mart (and the campsite to dump our waste.)  We are so fortunate to have them with us to take care of Aaron and SAG (Safety and Gear) for us.

Life on the road is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  For one thing, there isn’t much modesty.  People go to the bathroom wherever they can and the showers were group old-school style at the last stop.  Good thing we have a camper!  Between the sunscreen, lip balm, bug spray, sweat and “Butt-r” I was one oiled up chick.  Me and the other 800 riders!  The other thing that I wasn’t expecting is the fact that we have pedaled much more than I thought we would.  I imagined we would coast on the other side of hills.  Nope.  The winds are too strong  so it’s impossible to coast.  In fact, the first time we actually coasted we were already 45 miles into it!  We’ve had to learn the lingo too.

 Here are some things we’ve picked up so far:
1.       Car  Back – Yelled from a rider signaling there’s a car coming so get over.
2.       At your six – I’m right behind you
3.       On your left – I’m about to pass you on your left
4.       Fist in the air – I’m hurt or my bike’s hurt – please help

I’m sure there are more we’ll learn as we go!  John earned the nick name – The Wall today as he blocked the wind ahead of us.  Haven’t figured out yet which is worse – uphill or head winds.  There was one point that we encountered both at the same time –that was fun!   Tomorrow’s ride is 66 miles to Hill City. (We ride more than that though as we go through towns and find places to eat or meet up.)

Total Miles: 62.22


  1. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like soooo much fun!!!!!!!!! You rock Farns Fam!


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