Days 3 and 4

Falling behind on blogging – partly due to extreme exhaustion and partly due to lack of availability.  It’s been two days since my  last update.  Today we traveled 64 miles and yesterday was 66.   Yes – we’re still alive!  Just very tired!
You could sum up our travels in one word.  Adventurous with a capital A!  Yesterday we started our day in the rain for about 10 – 15 miles.  It actually wasn’t bad but sort of refreshing.  Today we road in the rain until 2 in the afternoon – not refreshing at all!!  We were freezing.  Who would have thought it would be cold in Western Kansas in June?
John and Matt are our go to guys.  Matt is the Mechanic  and John is the Medic.  They both look for people with fists up in the air to see if they can help.  Good thing we have Matt with us.  So far I have had 2 flats and problems with both front and back brakes and John has had a flat also.
When we ride we go in pairs – Matt and Jacquelyn ride in front of John and I.  The boys are very gentleman like and ride on the outside.  John has a mirror on his glasses and when he sees a car he yells, “car back” and we then go into single file.  Matt takes the front and John hangs back.  Then John yells “clear” and we resume pairs. It’s pretty fun.
We are pretty tired and ready to hit the sack now.  First the meeting then bed.  Got a ton of pics but can only choose a few to post.  We’ll put the rest on Facebook when we get back.
Total Miles: 205
This was the storm we rode through out of Hill City.  It was a little frightening.  We ended up waiting it out a few more min in the RV after they met back up with us 1 mile down the road.  I think Ron and Teresa were both happy that we came to our senses and asked them to pick us up so we could just sit and wait it out.  We still rode through the rain until 2pm that day.
These are the SAG Hags!  Every day they dress in different costumes and provide us with food and drink.  It's fun to see their different themes along the way.
This is a GIANT Cottonwood tree - 35 feet in diameter or something like that. 


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