Hills, Hills, and more Hills!!!! Days 5-7

We finally have WiFi!!!!  Yay!!!  These last three days have been nothing but hills!! We started out with this hill that when later measured was 3.5 miles to the top!  It was crazy but we pedaled all the way!  There were people walking but not us!  Yesterday they were rolling hills - just one after another but we made it.

We are really pooped!!  Only a day and a half left to the end.  When we're riding it seems we've been doing this for a month but as I'm typing this it only feels like a few days.  

The towns across Kansas are AMAZING!  It is so neat to really experience small town USA.  We stopped for lunch in the small town of Hunter the other day and they shut down the streets to welcome us in and feed us grilled chicken sandwiches and potato salad.  Then we stayed in Osborne and they had all sorts of tents set up with stuff to eat and the people were so friendly.  The Adult Fellowship of Christian Athletes served us an excellent pancake breakfast from this cool spinning griddle.  We road through the town of Hope yesterday where they served us free homemade ice cream by the cup full.  It was awesome!!!  Then last night we felt like honored guests in the town of Herrington.  The people there were so friendly.  It look like Old Settlers Day when we rode in and even the Mayor was there to welcome us.  This is the best part of the trip - meeting people and EATING!!! : )

Today was the roughest ride yet.  I got hooked on this stuff called Gu - it's an energy booster and without it I would have many more break downs than I've already had. Yes, I've hit a few walls but I have climbed over them with the help of my wonderful hubby.  Couldn't have done it without him.

Total miles:  Just under 400

Uncle Greg and Becky surprised us at a sag stop in Talmage and then met up with us in Abeline for lunch.  It was so fun to see them!


  1. Look at you, skinny warrior woman!!! What a cool thing for your marriage :) So stinking amazing! Love you farns fam!

  2. I love the pic of you Kristin! Makes an old woman want to do something crazy again. Very impowering lady! Love you and sooooo very proud of you!


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