Chasing Aaron

Having a one year old is a little like chasing those silly pet gerbils we used to have when I was a kid (Black-y and Stripes I think it was).  Those little stinkers would get out of their cages and roam the house before you even knew what hit you.  Next thing you know we were scrambling around at the sight of those little tails as they constantly seemed to make it just two more feet ahead of us.  As soon as we could get them rounded up and put back in thier cages, they would play around like nothing happened and then promptly escape once more when our backs were turned.

Aaron is not a gerbil thank goodness, but he IS a little escape artist.  He's not getting out of the crib on his own but we certainly cannot turn our backs on him!  He's either into the kitchen drawers (the ones that don't have hooks yet) or in Ellie's water dish, or getting into the tub to play, or splashing around in the toilet!  Just today I pulled a little stuffed kitty cat out of our bedroom toilet...  yuck!!!  I try to keep the toilet lids down, the bathroom doors closed, Ellie's water dish covered.... but it's just no use.  He's much to fast.  We've now lost 2 of our cordless phones do to a dunking in the water bowl.  They finally work again but they will never be the same - they both hang up or just stop working at random.  Time to get new ones I guess.  He also likes to EAT any kind of paper that exists.  This includes toilet paper, computer paper, bills, and other important mail.

All that being said, I wouldn't trade him for the world and I'm glad he finds things so interesting and entertaining.  I love that little guy sooooo much!  Here are some recent pics.

How do you eat your oreos?

Chillin' in my daddy's Jeep

 John's new additions...

Ready to roll


  1. Ok... got to be honest... the Jeep pic makes my stomach turn a bit (the Jeep looks great and I know he is good and strapped in, but the mom in me... it makes my tummy do flips for a second) that being said, I bet he had a BLAST!!! :) Too cute. And the oreo pic.... PRICELESS!!! Love that little smirk!! :)

    Toilets... they make childproof toilet locks. They are a pain... but better than flushed valuables or a large plumber bill :) BRU has them, Target might as well.

  2. I love it! This post brought back some memories! Mom and I were just talking about that time the gerbil latched onto Katie's nose and hung there while we all screamed! lol

    The pictures! OHHHH SOOOOO Cute! He's a daddy's boy in the jeep! I think that's adorable, did he like it?

    I was thinkin the same thing about the toilets.... lock em up! (that's just icky! especially if your toilets are anything like mine!)

    Love ya!

  3. I was a little nervous at first. We rode up to the hardware store in Gardner - taking the residential roads only. Then we ventured out to the Farnsworth's a few days later and he's been out running errands with John a few times now. He LOVES it. And he is actually very secure in there. No highways yet...


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