We are expecting!!!  Yay!!!  I know, I know, I haven't even gotten around to posting Aaron's little firsts that I promised but they are still coming.  I just had to share our news first!

So back in May after John passed his boards we determined that it would be fine to go ahead and try for baby number 2.  Actually we just weren't "not trying" anymore not realizing how fast it would happen.  Life was sort of hectic with graduations and birthdays in May and then June rolled around and we were getting ready for the BAK.  By the time we got back from biking across the good old state of Kansas it was the middle of June.  Little did I know that I was a month along already!!!  Yes - I biked 528 miles across Kansas in wind, rain, and heat while nursing and pregnant.  I am wonder woman!  Hehehe.  I was tired of course but who wouldn't be after a trip like that?

So the next weekend we packed up our stuff and headed down to Table rock for a Father's Day weekend with my family.  One night we went to the Branson Landing (similar to the Legands here) and John says, "Honey, if you really are pregnant than from now on I'll always know how to tell because you're acting like you have a serious case of baby brain."  I appraently say funny stuff and get quite clueless about random things.  Since I was late anyways, I stealthily grabbed a test while I was at Wal-mart with my mom and Aaron.  I took it that night which was the night before Father's Day, thinking I would tell John the news on his special day.  I should have waited until the morning because I couldn't keep a straight face.  When he got back to the house after going to a movie with dad and Katie I just grinned and he knew.  He whispered in my ear, "you took a test didn't you?"  We went downstairs and I showed him the results.  I took another one the next morning just to be sure.  We thought about telling my family then.  It would be perfect news on Father's Day but we wanted to wait until the 1st doctors appt.  Turns out when I got home they couldn't see me until the 1st and that was WAY too long to wait!  So we told both of our parents on the same night. 

We bought Aaron this cute little shirt that says, "I'm the big brother" and made him walk in the house first.  At my parents house mom was the first to notice and she looked at me and went, "what?" I smiled, confirming what she was thinking but my dad was still lost!  He hadn't seen the shirt yet.  Once he saw it he realized too.  It was really funny.  A similar thing happened at John's parents.  Only Ron was holding Aaron and Teresa pulled the shirt down to read it better.  It was classic.  Right before she read it she looked at us and said, "oh I just love the shirts he wears, they always say such cute things."  Then she starts reading it slowly and when she got to the brother part she screamed so suddenly that it startled Aaron!  So funny!  We wished we could have told all of the family in person but it's hard to get everyone together at the same time. 

I went to my first appt which was just a consultation, mostly confirming I'm pregnant and taking some blood tests. Since I'm still nursing (which I am really having trouble weening) I am getting a sono to determine how far along I really am.  That appt is the 19th.  But for now they are saying February 19th is the due date.  Maybe we'll have a valentine baby like little Isaac Heintzleman!

Now that I've written a book, I'll have to save the other post regarding Aaron's recent adventures for later. : )