Rainy Day

Nothing to do but update the blog. : )  I know this is out of order but I still want it documented in our book.

On May 25th we got out our baby pool for the first time.  Aaron loved it!  It was like being in the bathtub but outside.  I took a page out of my mom's book and boiled a pot of water to add to the cold hose water so that it was nice and warm.  After a while he discovered that he could get out pretty easy and we had to move the pool to the grass so he wouldn't bang up his legs.  Ellie was a good dog and laid next to him - (I'm sure she was wishing she could get in too!)

Then on June 3rd we finally did the first hair cut.  We were going to leave for BAK the next day and I didn't want him to bothered by hot sweaty hair sticking to him.  This is the before shot.  Notice how happy he still is.

He did pretty well until the very end.  When I did his bangs I used the scissors to cut across his forehead and we had to have someone holding his head while I did the cutting.  Somewhere I have video of it but of course I can't find it right now.

We also did go to the real pool for the first time a few weeks back with the Heintzleman crowd.  We had a great time and Aaron enjoyed sitting in Eve's float so much that mommy went and bought him one too.  We start swim lessons on July 12th!  Can't wait!