Swim Lessons Update

Today was day 3 of 8 for Aaron's swim lessons and the first day that he didn't absolutely bawl.  The first day was pretty horrible considering they put him in the class with 3 and 4 year olds since he was the only one signed up for the 10:00 guppies class.  They could have told us there was another one at 11 and we would have gladly switched.  That first day was too far advanced for him and he was the smallest one there.

Day 2 was better.  Daddy came with us and stood on the side of the pool watching as mommy and Aaron hung out with the other kiddos (who were appropriately aged as we joined the 11:00 class for the rest of our lessons.)  He hated the cold water and about 10 minutes in he started crying and never quit.  There were other criers and whiners but I think Aaron was the worst.  He clung to me for dear life and would scream if I pried him off of me.

So today we decided to let daddy go with him and mommy would sit on the side lines.  Maybe he wouldn't be as clingy with dad.  He did much better today.  He may be getting used to it (the routine is the same everyday) or it might have been because he was with dad but he didn't wail today.  That is not to say he didn't whine but we're making progress.  He went down the slide several times with daddy and even played in the kiddie area after wards for a little while.  The younger classes only last for 30 min and then they have 20 min of free time to splash around and play.  Tomorrow we're going to try both of us with him and see how he does.  This will daddy's last opportunity to join us as he will be working all next week.

These are some pics I snapped with my phone today.  The quality is poor because it was on my phone.

 This was on the lazy river trying to help him float.