Beef please!

No - I can't get enough beef!  I woke up yesterday, rolled over to John and said (at 7:15 in the morning), "can you please make steak for dinner tonight?"  It was in my dreams all night and I was almost salivating by morning.  So like a good hubby, he donned his grill apron, grabbed the boy, and went outside to grill for dinner last night.  It was DELISH!  He is getting soooo good at making steak. He made three KC strips (we usually only make 2) and though Aaron ate some of the third, I ate the rest PLUS my own!  No leftovers for us!  I could care less about the baked potato, corn, and bread - just wanted the steak!


  1. LOL...Oh I remember being like that when I was pregnant with Alaina. Thats all I thought about. In fact the night I was going to the hospital to get induced we stopped & had a steak! Thank goodness for amazing hubbies!

  2. I LOVE these pictures!
    your boys r so cute :D


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