The Color Purple

Why has our blog changed to such a vibrant shade of purple?  Isn't it a little girly for a one woman family?  Is it in honor of the acclaimed Novel or movie?  NO. Is it to signify Royalty or Nobility? NO. Is it simply because I happen to like the color purple? NO. (Although I do.)

It is in honor of my youngest sister going away to college in 9 DAYS to K-State!!!!  Yay!!  Go Wildcats!!!  While we will all miss her dearly, I am very proud to see her go and wish her the best as she goes through Rush and begins a new chapter in her life.  The world of photography awaits you Katie.  You are going to do great!

Looks like we'll be making a trip to Manhattan, KS sometime in the near future...


  1. so sweet! i cannot believe how much katie has grown up. i still remember as that little girl in the above photo...makes me feel old! good luck, katie!

  2. Awwww! What a great sister:-) Family Day is Sept 25th. Mark your calendar now. So excited for Katie.....she's going to have a great time at KSU!


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