Go AWAY diaper rash!

For weeks now Aaron has had a mysterious diaper rash that will not go away.  Oh it fades and almost clears up only to rear it's ugly face the next day.  I don't know what's causing it, or why it won't completely clear up but my poor baby is not very happy about it.  In fact, it makes diaper changing time even more like a wrestling match.  We've tried 2 different types of Desitin, Butt Paste, even vasaline and of course baby powder but none seem to work.  After much advice from friends and family, here was our evening routine tonight...

Warm bath with baking soda. Check.
Soapy water to clean up. Check.
Air dry around the house for 30 min. Check.  (This was Aaron's favorite part.)
Powdered bottom with burnt flour. Check. (Weird but I hear it works.)

Now we keep our fingers crossed that at least one of these things will help because it's flared up again worse than it has been.  I just want that cute little tush back and a happy baby to go with it!