Ready for Fall

Dear Fall,

Please come soon.  I am ready for your beautiful leaves and cooler weather.  I want to take my toddler outside and not sweat off all the water I've consumed for a week.  The temperature today is just a tease.  I cannot wait for the first frost to get rid of the abundance of bugs that have taken up residence in my back yard.  I'm looking forward to pumpkin patches, Apple Cider at the Louisburg Cider Mill, sweaters, dinners on my back porch, and snuggling next to a fire.  Summer, it's been great but I'm ready for my good friend Fall to come. 

Yours truly,
Hot Mama


  1. oh how i miss fall in kansas. we always schedule an october visit to feel the cool air and go to the pumpkin patch. i am already counting the days. love your new fallish background. :)

  2. Wasn't today just the perfect temperature? Aaron will absolutely love cider donuts like his mamma! Hope we have a nice long Fall:-)


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