This post is really more for memory sake that will later be bound in a book than for anyone else.  Last night as Aaron and I were hanging out at H-Town, Rebecca noticed that Aaron was able to go up and down the stairs by himself.

She says, "Look, Aaron can go down the stairs!  He is so big.  Does he still nurse?"

"Not anymore," I respond with a sort of sad face.

"Why not?  Well what does he drink then?"

"He drinks water and milk and sometimes juice."

"What kind of milk?"

"Regular milk from the store."

"So he doesn't come to you to nurse when he's thirsty anymore?"

"Nope, he's a big boy now and drinks from a cup."

I thought there would be this day that I would be able to record as THE day Aaron was weaned.  But it happened so gradually that I'm not even sure when the last time he nursed was.  It may have been weeks ago!  So this post is simply to say that Aaron is now officially weaned.  He nursed through the first 13 months of his life.  I'm glad we were able to do so for that long!  He IS a big boy now and going to be a big brother soon!