A Cry for Help

I know that cry.  It's not an "I'm hungry" cry or "I'm tired cry."  It's not an "angry" cry.  It might be a little "frustrated" cry or even a little "I'm scared" cry.  But mostly, it's an "I'm stuck cry!"  This cry can usually be identified when Aaron has managed to lock himself in the office, the bedroom, or the bathroom by himself in the dark.  It can also be heard when he's gotten himself stuck in an certain position that includes a body part, i.e. a leg or arm, hand or foot, that is wedged somewhere that he cannot get loose.

Today that cry meant, "mom, I'm stuck in Ellie's water dish!"

"And I can't get up!"

Yes, my child is fascinated with Ellie's water.  He can usually be found stomping his feet in it or throwing objects such as cordless phones in it.  Today, however, he decided to become adventurous and SIT in it.  I guess I need to take this boy swimming soon!


  1. this is so freakin cute
    and it really makes me laugh that you had time to take a picture first :P


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