How not to get out of your house

If we can't sell, I guess burning it down works right?  NOT!!!  I did come a little too close to that today though.  Yesterday we had a house showing, so in my effort to clear the counter tops of all unessesary cluter I decided to put the Rice Krispy box, a bag of chips, a vase, and our empty fruit bowl in the oven.  I must have told myself a thousand times to remember to take them out before I turn it on next time.... but....  I didn't account for baby brain.

So today I had a craving for Lambert's Rolls.  Since it's uneconomical to drive 3 hours to Springfield, I got online and found a recipe.  I was quite excited to try this one out.  I had my dough rising and was getting the potatoes ready to roast to go with our baked chicken for dinner.  I turned the oven on 400 degrees to preheat and then left the room to talk on the phone with my mom.  After hanging up I realized something smelled funny.  Aaron was playing in the living room when I walked into the kitchen and realized my OVEN WAS ON FIRE!!!  Seriously.  The flames where coming out of the door.  I grabbed a mit and opened the door only then realizing my stupid mistake.  What to do?  Throw water on it?  Flour?  First - run to the room and wake up my sleeping hubby (who worked three OT night shifts the last few nights).

Throwing open the bedroom door I yell, "the oven's on fire - help!!!"  He rushes to help and tells me in his sleep stupor to throw flour on it, thinking it was a grease fire.  So here I am, in my apron with my jug of flour throwing handfuls onto the ever growing flame.  At this point the bag of chips have denigrated and the Rice Krispy box is indistinguishable.  John can't figure out what is actually burning.  He takes a grill tong and starts clearing out burning debris and putting them in the sink under the faucet which is now running.  I step away as he takes over so I can keep Aaron at bay.  He then sprays it with the sink hose - something I should have thought of in the first place!!

The cold water shatters the glass fruit bowl and by now the fire detectors are blaring and I'm running around opening windows.  We think it's over but the smoke keeps coming.  I go over to the open oven and notice a flame burning UNDERNEATH!  Oven mitts in hand we yank the drawer out and John sprays it down too.  One final check to make sure nothing else is on fire and then it's over with nothing but a HUGE mess to clean up and a smelly house.  It all happened so fast!

Although I was in panic mode I still somehow mangaed to think in the midst of the fire... "this would make a great blog story, better snap a pic."  So here you are...

We were able to save the bread dough by putting it in the fridge - I'll try baking it tomorrow.  No rolls tonight...just a family date to Applebees!


  1. holy smokes! that sounds like a scene from a movie! glad you were able to put it out. that must have been very scary but will be a funny story to tell later. pregnancy brain is crazy thing! and i would have totally grabbed my camera as well, because yes, this story is TOTALLY blog worthy!

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry for your scare... but I have to admit, you've got me in tears of laughter at all the things shoved into the oven! When the Rice Krispies were on fire did they go "snap", "crackle", and "pop"?!!!

  3. O my word!!! That puts our childhood marshmallow roasting magazine kitchen fire to SHAME!!! HAHAHA!! Seriously... you and kitchens :) Love you mama! Love the burnt flour in the pic!

  4. Oh my I totally forgot about that!!! I guess that makes 3 kitchen fires for me!! Remember the grease fire in when I was on the phone with Becky Williams? That one actually singed the upper cabinets and melted some measuring cups above the stove.

    Oh well - no one was hurt and I got Applebees and a clean oven out of the deal!


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