What's new?

"Nobody's updated thier blog lately so I have nothing to read..." says my mom as I talk to her on the phone this morning. : )  I guess I haven't had anything big to add lately.  However, little things add up I suppose so here's what's new...

Aaron has added 2 bottom molars to the two on top that he's been working on.  None of them are fully in but they are occasionally reaking havoc on him and he periodically walks around with his hand on or in his mouth whining, ma-ma...ma-ma...maaaaa.  It does get under my skin sometimes but I know he's hurting and that bugs me more than the whining.  I wish I could take the pain away.  They've all cut through so now they are just growing in.

John's cousin Brian is home on leave from Iraq.  His parents threw him a big welcome home party on Friday night and John, Aaron, and I got to attend.  It was so nice to see him and all the family.  We're hoping to have him over to our house before he has to return.  Glad he made it back safe and praying for another safe return later.

John made Aaron and I a great breakfast yesterday of french toast and bacon.  I slept in until 8:30 which is pretty late for me.  I usually get up with Aaron around 7 but every once in a while John takes morning duty when he has time off of work.  It was really nice to wake up to the smell of maple syrup, bacon, and coffee.

I am now 15 weeks, almost 16 weeks along and am feeling much better these days.  I occasionally reflect on my progress from when I was pregnant with Aaron and marvel at how similar and different this pregnancy is.  My belly is finally looking a little "pregnant" and not quite as chubby although when touched, it's still flabby - not hard!

We took Aaron to Celebration Park yesterday and watched as Aaron climbed every hill he could find.  Who needs playground equipment when you have green mounds to climb!  He did enjoy the kiddie section though - he was able to get up and down all by himself.  He also LOVED the big kid slides.  Daddy took him down a few times and he giggled all the way.

That's what's new in the Farns house - just everyday life.  I love it!


  1. Bless you my child. Something fun to read before bed:-) So sorry I had to miss Aaron today.....still feel pretty icky, but must work tomorrow. Give him a love for me!

  2. LOL mom
    and omg i love the slide picture.
    john looks scared tho lol

  3. It was really fast!! NO actually after looking at it I remember loosing a good amount of leg hair on the way down!! HAHAHA....


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