Wonderscope Outing

Today Aaron, Grandma, and I got to enjoy an outing together to Wonderscope, a children's hands-on museum.  We started the afternoon off by checking out Old Shawnee Pizza for lunch.  Of course pizza is one of Aaron's favorite foods.

Then we headed over to the museum for Smithsonian Magazines, "Museum Day" where our admission was free!  Aaron had the BEST time ever and I'm sure I can speak for Grandma when I say we enjoyed it just as much.  It was so fun to watch him explore in the different exhibits.  The museum is an old school building that they have converted over using each classroom as a different exhibit.  It's hard to say which room was Aaron's favorite.  He liked the Raceways, Small Wonders, H2O, Lego, and Farm to Market rooms just about equally!  Grandma took great pics and video throughout our day.  We stayed for a pretty good amount of time and Aaron was out before we even got to the highway on the way home.  

Nanny - you're next!  It's worth the visit even if it's not free next time around.

This is a short video so you can watch as Aaron explores too!


  1. So Cute!! I can't wait for my turn. It looks like you all had a great time:-)


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