13 Days and 8 years

The countdown is on... I have 13 days until we find out what we're having.... AND until some mystery birthday trip John is planning.  SOOOOO excited.  Don't worry, we've decided we'll be calling everyone after our doctors appointment since we'll be away the rest of the weekend.  So you all will know what we're having!

Our 8th Anniversary was Tuesday night this last week.  John was off so we took the boy out on a topless Jeep ride and then to the park...followed by Sonic ice cream!  It was a fun afternoon.  Then we dropped Aaron off at Nanny's (who thouroghly enjoyed her evening with him) and headed to the Legend's to the Olive Garden.  It's become a staple anniversary date - I know, not real fancy but we both LOVE thier food and I even allowed myself a small glass of wine.  We wanted to go to an Olive Garden that we had not been to before and figured we could walk around afterwards.  Unfortunatly I wore the wrong kind of shoes (although very cute) and the 4 throbbing blisters prevented me from walking around too much.  We did make one lap of the shops down there - all of which were closed by the time we finished dinner.  But the weather was nice and having no agenda was actually relaxing.  We hit up Starbucks on the way home to top off our night. 

I count myself blessed beyond measure to be married to such a wonderful man.  I love him more and more every minute that passes by.  He works so hard for our family and to allow me to be a stay at home mom and he is an awesome daddy.  I look foward to growing our family through the years to come and growing old together after that.  I love you honey.


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