Birthday Trip to Chicago! Part 1

So John had been planning a mystery trip for weeks leading up to my birthday.  I wanted to be surprised so I didn't even try to guess where we were going.  On Friday after our doc appt, we headed to his parents house to drop off Aaron and catch a ride to the airport where we boarded a plan headed for the windy city.  I was so excited - always wanted to see Chicago.  John asked me if I wanted to know the plans but I prefered to go with the flow and not know what we were doing.  We caught a shuttle to our hotel by the O'hare airport called Aloft.  It was very modern and chic.  The room was great and we were able to take their shuttle to the Blue Line where we got on the City Transit and headed downtown.

John had planned to take me to eat at this place called Yoshi's (one of the top 10 places to eat in Chicago) but after looking at the menu outside, we decided it wasn't the place for us...  mostly me...  something about Duck Liver Mousse did not sound appealing and neither did their prices.  But from that point on John told me I was not allowed to complain about prices, a feat which was very VERY hard for me!  We ended up at a nice place on the corner called Jack's where we had some of the best food all weekend.  After dinner it was time to go see the Blue Man Group!  VERY COOL.  I'm so glad we got to see them perform.  My favorite part was the finale when they basically TP'ed the whole auditorium under black lights.

We awoke Saturday morning and checked out of Aloft hotel.  With suitcase and CTA (3 day unlimited city transit) passes in hand we headed for downtown once again.  This time toward the Magnificent Mile and Millennium Park right next to beautiful Lake Michigan.  We had early check in plans at the Congress Plaza Hotel right on Michigan Ave!  The view from our room was AMAZING!

The middle window opened all the way with no screen... kind of scary but cool to lean out and take pics!  Anyway, there is a lot more to post but I'm going to go relax and watch some House episodes with my hubby.  Sorry folks, ok just mom, - you'll have to wait to hear the rest!


  1. You tease! So glad you had a great weekend and are writing on your blog!!! What a great way to start my work and Katie both wrote. Can't wait to read the rest.....
    Love, Mom


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