The Little Apple

So Chelsee and I had this great idea to surprise Katie for her birthday by making a trip to see her in Manhattan.  Both our husbands kept saying that we should just tell her we're coming but in true Thies fashion we wanted it to be a surprise.  Chelsee, mom, and I all tried on numerous occasions to get her to tell us her weekend schedule without openly telling her our plan.  I thought we had it pretty well figured out that Saturday afternoon would be perfect.  Too bad the boys were right... Katie wasn't even in town.  BUMMER!!!  We're sorry we missed you bug.  We really wanted to surprise you for your b-day but next time we'll clear it with you first!

Though we were sad to have missed Aunt Katie, we still had fun with Aunt Chelsee!  We went to HuHot for lunch and then hit the park.  Aaron had a blast and was so tuckered out by the time we left.  He didn't eat much at HuHot so I stopped at McDonald's to get him a happy meal for the drive home but before we hit the highway he was already asleep with a nugget in one hand and a fry on his lap!  He woke up close to Lawrence and started munching away again on the same nugget!  Too cute!  Here are some great pics from our trip today.