Losing my mind

Baby brain can be silly and cute... or it can be absolutely ANNOYING!  You remember my post a few weeks back about my missing cell phone?  Well, now it's my glasses.  I am soooo frustrated that they are missing.  I know the generic time frame that I lost them in but can't imagine why I would possibly have taken them off during that time.  I can't remember.  Did they fall off my face when I wasn't paying attention?  All I know is that while giving Aaron a bath last night I realized I wasn't wearing them and started looking for them.  I've looked everywhere in my house and car with no luck.  I surely would have realized if they were off for a long period of time.  I went to a park party yesterday and had to drive to get there.  Wouldn't I have noticed that my vision was crapy while driving in the car?  I have no idea exactly when they mysteriously fell off my face.  I think I'm losing my mind.  I guess I should expect my car keys and wallet to be next. 

The bummer is that I really NEED my glasses.  So if I can't find them I'll be getting a new pair - just like I had to get a new phone...  Might end up being a good thing but it's still money out of my pocket for sheer absentmindedness.  I'm hoping they turn up soon.  I'm out of contacts too.