RIP old cell phone

I have become so attached to my cell phone that I am just downright depressed that it's gone.  I lost if Friday night and I don't know if I misplaced it, or if my kiddo ran off and hid it somewhere.  I've retraced my steps (and memories) of what I did Friday night before I realized it was gone but still no luck.  I've torn apart my house looking in every cabinet, toy box, drawer and trash can that Aaron may have stuck it.  I even went so far as to con my hubby into emptying all of the trash at the curb before the trash truck comes so it won't go off to the land fill.  I'm not so worried about all of the phone numbers I lost - I can replace them even if it will be a pain in the rear.  It's all the pics and videos of Aaron that I took and never downloaded onto my computer. 

Call me sappy but there were a TON of short clips of Aaron doing many firsts such as running in the sprinkler, sliding down the slide at the park on his own, and swimming at the pool.  I didn't have a real video camera with me in those moments and relied on my phone.  They aren't the best quality but still I wish I would have copied them to my computer.  I tried once but couldn't figure out how to convert the files right.  It's not the end of the world but I'm still really bummed that its gone.  There were over 300 pictures of Aaron on there too.  It was all on the little SD card that's in the phone.  I also had tons of music stored that is gone too but again that can be replaced. 

The ironic thing is that I was getting a new phone fact I have it now and it's a really nice one with lots of cool features that my other one didn't have.  I guess I'll just start over and be more diligent in downloading things.  Hopefully it will turn up someday and I can retrieve that SD card.

This seems like a stupid thing to post about but I guess I figured if it's worth crying over it's worth blogging about.  (Yes, preggo here has cried many times over the last weekend about my silly phone!)