Halloween Weekend

Three parties and trick or treating makes for a very fun-filled (and tiring) weekend!  We started off by attending Grandma Great's Halloween party at the Atriums.  This was the best party for Aaron - he had so much fun collecting candy and strutting his stuff.  He laughed with Nanny and Papa, showed off for Grandma Great, and even got to see Aunt Sandy from Oklahoma.  I've never seen him on such a sugar high!  They had the whole 2nd floor decked out with residents and their buckets of candy so the kids could trick or treat.  He was a maniac when we got home!  I thought for sure he would fall asleep on the 30 min drive home but he just talked and talked and giggled -actually full out belly laughed - from the back seat.  It was very fun to listen to!  He finally got to sleep around 9:30 after running circles in the living room.

Second stop - Henry's Hallo-Eve customer appreciation party out at Biermans pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm.  This was Saturday and we had hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, played in their playground, and took a hay ride.  Amy and family and her friend Stacy and little girl met us up there and we all got to ride the train together a little bit later.

Saturday night, John and I went to our friend Angela's 30th birthday party - decked out for an 80's prom!  We had a great time - Happy birthday Angela!

Finally - we went trick or treating last night.  We tried a trunk or treat at a local church but the line was really long and Aaron wasn't very patient - he just wanted to run around and could care less about the candy.  So we headed home and hit up some houses in the neighborhood before turning on our light and handing candy out ourselves.  He had fun walking from house to house in his costume and even more fun keeping a lookout from our front door for trick or treaters coming to our house.  This was the first year we actually ran out of candy we had so many kiddos come.  Luckily it was around 8 when the traffic was slowing down anyway.

All in all we had a terrific weekend.  We're taking it easy today!  Our poor puppy has a bum leg that she won't set down.  Ellie looks a little like a three legged dog right now so we'll be taking her into the vet this afternoon.  But other than that, we are all just resting after such a packed weekend!


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