Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a terrific thanksgiving!  Spent the whole day with my family hanging out with Nanny, Papa, Aunt Katie, Aunt Chelsee, Grammy, Grandma Great, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Mackey, cousins Matthew, Alee, and Adam.  It was a full house and there was no shortage of good food.  The cinnamon rolls and Grandma's Butterhorn rolls turned out great.  We spent the afternoon digesting food and sitting around talking and some watched the good old football games.  Then Friday morning we headed for the lake house.  It had been several months since we had been down there.  It was nice to veg around eating leftovers and watching Harry Potter movies.  Mom, Grammy, Katie and I got to go shopping and saw a movie together while the boys watched Aaron on Saturday.  I picked up some good Christmas gifts!  I REALLY wanted family pictures so this morning we headed down for the water to take some pics by the dock.  We made it half way down the wooded path taking pics as we went when all of the sudden by battery went dead!  Ugh!  We still got a couple of good shots but I was so looking forward to lakeside photos.  Oh well.  Here are my favs.

I am forever thankful for such a wonderful family who loves me, a hubby who loves me and provides for our family, and a happy, healthy son who is our world.


  1. Love you little Farnsworth family! We loved spending time with you all and I LOVE your pictures, especially the top one:-)

  2. Cute pics! ( and cute cardi! )

  3. So sweet, I want one of each! tell me how much and I'll pay you back!!


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