Helpful Toddler

This is one of those oxymoron phrases like "a little big," "good grief," or "dry snow."  Helpful Toddler isn't exactly helpful but he really wants to be.  Which by the way is about the cutest thing on earth!  He likes to help me with just about anything that I do from loading the dishwasher or dryer, to folding clothes and vacuuming.  If it involves a button he's right on top of it, namely the garage door button and the dryer button.  He also likes to shut doors for me including the dishwasher and dryer doors.  Today, as I posted on my status on Face Book, Aaron decided that his empty laundry basket simply wouldn't do. He filled it with all the clean clothes from his drawers and drug it to the hallway for me to see!  Did I mention I've been doing laundry all day!!!  I think he thought he was being helpful.  But while a "helpful toddler" may not truly be "helpful" he is learning new things everyday and I don't mind picking up after him.


  1. Nanny is very proud of your big helper! I can just see him thinking about things and wanting to do more and more. He's such a good little boy:-)


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