Might as Well Be Marley

Sometimes having a kid is lot like having an ornery dog.  I walked into what looked like a scene out of Marley and Me this morning.  I was diligently working an a project for Christmas, keeping an ear out for Aaron, when it suddenly got a little too quite.  After a few minutes I went to check on him and found this...only he was actually sitting on top of the table eating the Cheerios!  Both my cameras failed me as the batteries were dead but my trusty phone did the trick.

 That is an ENTIRE Cheerios box all over my table and floor.  We JUST opened it this morning.
  I have to give him some credit, he tried to sweep it up with the broom.

So the question of the day is, How do you punish a 1 year old who just innocently wanted to eat some cheerios?!  He got in trouble for being on the table - we've been over that with him before.  Still, it is so hard to be mad when he is so dang cute!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Bahahahaha!!!!! he's like "What? I just wanted a cheerio mom.... I didn't know they would all come out of the box when I turned it upside down...." Lol


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