Warm Fall Day

As some of you already know, our family actually likes the cold weather.  Ok, I might say we love winter!  Most think we are crazy but there is something magical about falling snow, warm baggy sweaters, fires in the fireplace, and hot chocolate.  I can't wait for the real fall weather to get here.  That said, I must say that I will miss these days when I can pack up my kid and head out for a stroll.  Since daylight savings we haven't been able to hit the park after dinner to burn off some energy because it gets dark so early.  Pretty soon we'll see fewer and fewer days that are worthy for a park trips at all.  So while the weather is nice (70's in November!) I will count my blessings and take advantage of it!  Today I packed up Aaron and Ellie and headed for the KCPL wetlands here in Gardner for a little afternoon hike.  Ellie is supposed to be on bed rest due to her injured hind leg but she's been cooped up in this little house and this could be the last of beautiful weather days to take advantage of. 


  1. So cute:-) I love the picture with his dog! Could you make me a collage to hang on my fridge at work? You really got some great pictures!

  2. I would love to! Thanks mom - I think it's the subject that makes them so great!


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