A week of nap-less mornings

A week is stretching the truth a little...try 3 days.  I've gone back and forth in my head on whether we should really skip the AM slumber yet but it's getting harder and harder for him to sleep in the afternoon, thus making a very irritable boy come 4 or 5pm.  We have been very diligent in our morning nap routine - very rarely swaying from the 10:00/10:30ish nap time.  I never make morning plans and we are ALWAYS home for morning naps as he would be a bear all day if we skipped them in the past.  It seems he's ready to go down to one nap a day though and I would rather that one nap be in the afternoon than in the morning only hours after he woke up for the day.

So how is it going?  Well change is rough.  And this change is no exception.  I have to say I am starting to morn my lovely free time in the mornings but I do like the fact that we can go do things with the local Mom's Club or Parents As Teachers Group.  I meant to start on Monday but he practically begged me to put him down and he wasn't feeling well so he got a morning nap in AND actually managed to sleep in the afternoon too.  Bonus!  So Tuesday was the first day.  We went to a playgroup with Parents as Teachers from 10:30-11:30 - right during is typical nap time.  He did great - no melt downs.  You should have seen me in the car on the way home though!  I probably looked hysterical as I made a fool of myself trying desperatly to keep Aaron laughing and not sleeping.  We had lunch when we got home and I managed to keep him up until 1:00.  He went straight down for nap but only slept an hour...  We're used to about 3 hours total per day of naps between the two usually.  So we tried again on Wednesday only it was rainy and cold and we couldn't go outside.  PBS was a hit for about 5 minutes and then it got old and Aaron was a bear to try to keep awake.  At 12:30 he fell asleep in his high chair while attempting to eat lunch.  Poor thing!  I put him down and he slept til 2.  We gained a half hour. : )

Then today was pretty much off schedule all together so we got a 20 minute nap in the car and an hour afternoon nap - went to bed a little early.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.  Man it's work to keep him awake!


  1. Here's how we made the transition... Just move everything up so it isn't such a struggle right off the bat. Lunch at 11:30 (11am if you have to), start nap at noon (or 11:30). Eventually you will get him napping at 1 or 1:30, whatever works for your schedule... just plan early lunches for the next week, and before you know it, you'll be right on schedule with a wonderfully long afternoon nap :) Does that make sense. Call me if it doesn't, lol!

  2. If we could get on a good schedule we'd be home free. Today was good - kept him up til 12:30 (lunch at 11) and he slept until 2. Family's in town now and this week could be challenging with Thanksgiving and stuff. We'll see!

  3. Hi Kristen,
    It was great to run into you and Aaron at Price Chopper. Have a great Thanksgiving! Here's my blog and email if you want to keep in contact and have play dates. I can't believe we haven't run into each other sooner!http://davis4some.blogspot.com/

    Take care,
    Christy Davis

  4. I would love that!! Thanks!! It was great to see you too. I bet our kiddos would have fun together. And it would be nice to catch up too. : )


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