Aaron Update

As you probably read previously, Aaron was pretty sick on Sunday.  He seemed to get better on Monday but had nasty diarrhea all day and night. (Sorry if that's TMI!) His nights have been pretty rough... throwing up one night, and blowing out his diaper and jammies the next.  Then last night he went back to throwing up again.  Well, just once actually but it was probably the whole day's worth of food.  Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who helps clean up while I take care of the kiddo.  We haven't gone a night this week were we haven't had to change his jammies and sheets.  Last night we tag teamed like we used to when he was just a little baby.  He woke several times and John or I would go in and check on him, rock him, and put him back to bed.  At one point he stayed awake for 45 minutes in my arms after the big throw up just looking at me like he might do it again at any moment.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, it did finally go the other way and his stomach settled enough to go back to sleep.  But he was up super early and we let him take a good morning nap.  He did fine the rest of the day today.  John and I both changed SEVERAL dirty diapers and finally called the doctor to see if there was something we should be doing for him.  They basically said he was probably at the end of it but this particular bug causes the diarrhea part for several days.  I'm hoping he sleeps all the way through the night tonight with no need for sheet changes because John is at work - it's all me!