Back to the living

After a weekend of sleeping and many trips to the bathroom, I am finally feeling better this morning.  It started Friday night but by Saturday morning I was a zombie.  My in-laws were thankfully at the Wal-mart here in Gardner when I called them and they said they would be happy to watch Aaron while I rested.  So they came and got him around 9:30 and ended up keeping him all day while I slept.  Then they brought him back with dinner before John had to leave for work.  Thank you!!!!!  I'm sure he had more fun with them than he would have being cooped up here yet another day!  He didn't even fuss when I kissed him goodbye - a sure sign that he was SICK of this house!!

Lucky for me, I think it's already passed through my system as I am feeling normal this morning and actually motivated to get some stuff done.  Oh yeah, and I can eat again.  That's always a plus!  I think I'll venture out for some last bit of shopping with Aaron today.  Maybe we'll even ride the carousal at the mall!  Aaron would like that. : )  John has been on a major stretch of work recently.  He works 6 out of 7 nights!  Tonight is his only night off... and now he's feeling icky too.  Here's hoping it makes it through his system fast!


  1. Oh man! Sorry to hear you were sick....hope John is ok. Dad is starting a 5 day stretch and is very tired already. Love to all!

  2. EEK! You guys did get it after all?!?! O man! Glad to hear you are feelig better!


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