Cooped up inside

Being indoors has taken a toll on our kiddo.  Being sick stinks but what REALLY stinks are all the accidents he's had while being cooped up inside!!!  I can't believe any of us made it through childhood the way this kid gets into things and gets hurt in the process.  This week he smashed his pinky in the fireplace doors.  They are usually duck taped shut but as we had a fire the other night, that somehow went unnoticed by all but Aaron.  It's still black and blue but getting better.

He fell off a chair he insisted on climbing and bit a hole in his tongue. Well that might be an exageration but it bled a ton and I'm sure he has a canker sore to remember it by.

He smashed his hands in a file cabinet drawer which thankfully did not leave any marks.  Then while I was cooking the other night I turned to the sink for one moment and the next the oven door was open and Aaron had his hands on the top part.  I thought he burned them but turns out it thankfully just scared the daylights out of him.  No marks or burns but his poor fingers have taken a beating recently.  We had to go buy a new oven lock - the old one melted off when I lit the oven on fire a while back.

And just today he ran into his high chair, tripping over my foot, and got a nice little shiner below his right eye.  Then tonight as John was leaving and I was hugging him goodbye, he climbed up on one of the chairs again and rocked it until it tipped over backwards and he banged his noggin on the wall leaving a pretty good goose egg.

I hope our whole winter is not like this.  You think you have your house child proofed but that's just not enough.  For anyone who wonders what a stay at home mom does all day... it's keep an eye on their children so they  don't kill themselves!  Are all toddlers like this or is it just mine?!


  1. OH, it's not just toddlers! I seem to recall a couple of girls who tried to light our kitchen on fire with some hot grease hehehe! You have a lifetime of worry ahead of you and it is ALL worth it:-) Love you!

  2. O my!! Lil Man has had QUITE A WEEK! Take that back... Little MAMA has had quite a week! Someone deserves a mini spa day!! Goodness!! Jude is not quite as curious as little A, it seems. I'll count my lucky stars. Scared for when Asher is mobile, though... I think he'll be curious like Aaron!

  3. I had to laugh when I read your post! We are going through exactly the same thing with Cal. They are just little monkeys, climbing on everything and so busy and curious. I think with boys they are going to have some bruise or mark from the time they are mobile until they are teenagers! Glad to hear everyone's feeling better and you are taking Aaron out to let loose a little=) Stay warm.


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