Fun with Food

Oh the things you can do with some basic food and creativity!  Well... I can't really take all the credit for it - most of the things I do are ideas from magazines and websites.  That said, check out our recent fun with food.

Wednesday night we had a great time celebrating Christmas with Grandma Great.  John and I got a BEAUTIFUL mirror to put above our mantel - can't wait to post pics after it's hung.  And Aaron got a neat farm set that he LOVES and a motorized muddin Jeep that daddy drives for him!  We had appetizers and desserts to eat that night.  Here was a dessert I found online that turned out great!

Reindeer Cupcakes

The next morning I was tired and a little lazy so I didn't move the chairs or high chair that were in the living room.  Instead, I let Aaron eat breakfast at his new table.  So cute - but a little distracting so we may not be doing this again for a while.  He just wanted to play with the farm set.

And finally, today for lunch, I made Aaron's PB&J sandwich out of cookie cutters that Nanny gave us.  Who said cookie cutters were just for cookies?!  Aaron loved it!  


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