Home Sweet Home

Though we may be wishy washy from time to time on this subject, we had a nice heart to heart talk on the way down to Branson this past weekend and decided that we are taking our house of the market - for real this time.  Yes we are going to stay in good ol' Gardner, KS.  With the cruddy market and the many things that need to be done to our home, it's no wonder it's not selling.  SO... this means we have some great home improvement projects in our future.  I'm looking forward to making our house a home again.  It's so bland without any pictures up and half our things put away in storage.  Looks like our boys will be bunking!  Well at least cribbing in the same room!  How crazy that I will have two kiddos in cribs!


  1. just an idea, but i transitioned noah to his big boy (full-sized) bed at 17 months and he has done great! we just put up a side rail which makes it almost like a crib. i just did not want to buy another crib. i can't wait to see some of your home improvement projects-so fun!

  2. I'm nervous about Aaron running around or escaping from his room and getting into things! How does Noah do? Is it a hassle to not have him "trapped" so to say?


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