Merry Christmas Part 2

Part 2 - The Farnsworth Side

On Christmas Eve we packed up from Nanny and Papa's and headed over to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Farnsworth's house for the annual extended family get together.  Most everyone was there with the exception of Uncle Mike and Aunt Jan who were unable to make it this year, and Cousin Brian, who is over in Iraq right now.  We all missed them very much.  Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jim brought a life sized picture board of Brian so he could still be with us and appear in photos! HA!  It was hilarious!  We had a great time with the gift exchange and once again, Aaron got some neat stuff to play with and a new adorable outfit.  Thank you everyone for the great gifts, good food, and time spent together.

Then we headed to Grandma and Granddad's and opened up some new Christmas jammies.  We were all pretty tired so we headed to bed fairly early with anticipation for the next morning.  Christmas morning was great!  We had our traditional biscuits and gravy breakfast followed by hours of opening gifts and just spending time together.  We open things one at a time so everyone can see what we got each other so it makes the process go longer and it's fun to see what everyone gets.  I don't know which is better, the anticipation of watching someone open the gift you got them, or getting one yourself!  We all went a little overboard and got some pretty awesome gifts!  Again, I know I'll forget stuff if I start listing it out so I won't. Thank you so much for everything!!!  All I can say is we are just so truly blessed!  We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging and then had a wonderful turkey dinner complete with all the fixings later that evening.  I was still in my PJ's when we finally went home at 6:30!  Thanks again for the wonderful gifts, the food, and the company!!  We love you!