Real Vomit

Up until yesterday I had yet to experience the parenthood joys of cleaning up after a sick child.  John went in to get Aaron when he woke up from his afternoon nap around 3:45 yesterday to find a screaming child and panicked look on his face.  It was followed by the upheaval of all that he ate for lunch.  From the living room where we were putting up our tree I hear, "Honey!! Come quick!"  My poor baby boy was covered in vomit and so was his crib and blankets.  Luckily, John got crib duty while I took Aaron to the bath tub and sprayed him down while he shivered.  I wrapped him up in a towel and put some jammies on him then went to the living room to settle in for some snuggle.  That's the only good thing about a sick kiddo - they LOVE to snuggle.  Snuggle time lasted only a few minutes before he realized we were putting Christmas stuff up and wanted to play.  But his body said NO WAY.  Just minutes after he was cleaned up,  he vomited again - thankfully on a blanket on the living room floor.  This went on 7 different times from when he woke up.  The snuggle times got longer but eventually, being a toddler, he would get back up and try to play again only to turn and give me the look.  I got very good at noticing that look and we kept receiving blankets handy to wrap around him and "catch."  It was sooooo sad to watch.  He didn't just want me either.  He also cuddled with daddy too which made John's night even though it was heartbreaking to see our son so sick.

 He slept on and off most of the afternoon and evening but around 8:30 he seemed much better and was very thirsty and HUNGRY!  We were afraid to feed him much but we did give him some crackers and some noodles from our chicken noodle soup, along with some water.  All seemed well and we put him down for bed around 9:15 without a fight.  At 1:15 he was throwing up dinner.  Another round of bed washing and bathing and snuggling...  John went back to bed and I just held him and rocked him until I too fell back asleep still holding my sleeping baby in the chair.  At 2:30 he did it again - this time all over my chest.  Luckily I had a burp rag covering me but they aren't that big and I still got some on me.  I cleaned him up, wiped it off myself, and went back to rocking him.  I finally laid him back down in the crib and he slept peacefully for the rest of the evening.

John was kind enough to get up with him this morning and he seemed like nothing ever happened.  John fed him a very light breakfast and he played like normal.  I think he's feeling better now but he's not over it yet - he's fast asleep in his crib again.  Keeping my fingers crossed that we are out of the woods on the vomiting thing.


  1. Poor baby! Nanny would LOVE to grab some cuddle time, but not the sicko stuff:-( Hope he is better for good. Hugs and kisses to Aaron!

  2. If it is like what my boys had it is literally a 24 hour bug and that's all she wrote! Hope that is the case for A-dog!

  3. Aw, poor little boy. I hope he feels better soon. And you're lucky to have such a family of nurses to call on!


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