Santa Claus?

Call me Scrouge but I have been having this silly dilemma in my head about what to do with Santa Claus.  Of course I grew up like most kids thinking he was real until the moment, sometime in my early elementary days, that I realized it was just mom and dad.   As an adult I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with Santa Claus, but I feel it's a bit over-rated sometimes and gets in the way a little of what Christmas is really about. Plus to be honest, the Santa's in the mall and such really sort of creep me out.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying we should ban Santa or that he's bad or anything like that.  The question for John and I becomes, should we go along with the charade and play it up like I know we can, or still tell the story of Santa but not really enforce his "realness" and focus more on Jesus and the reason for the season?  I know some of you may be surprised that I would even struggle with this.  (Mom, Dad I am grateful for having Santa as a kid don't get me wrong!)  I have not come to a solid decision yet (which is almost impossible for me these days) but this video makes me really excited to play up Santa Claus.

The closer Christmas gets and the more excited about toys and festive Christmas things to do with Aaron, the more I want to create a little "Santa magic."

So I'm curious... Does EVERYONE out there play up Santa as a real magical person?  I know there are some that don't have anything to do with Santa at all which is not what I'm wanting to do.  Is there a happy medium?  And for those of you who do play up the magic of Santa, what is it like when your kid realizes that it's all a lie and you've been pretending all along?  I don't remember when this happened for me as a kid - mom?


  1. We do Santa, Toothfairy, Easterbunny, Christmas Elf on the Shelf (our new favorite!) They all leave notes on official letterhead (Santa and the reindeers played their uno spin game before they left-the kids found their score card inside AND some reindeer ate part of the gingerbread house!) Now that my kiddos are getting big...almost 6, 8 & 10...we are sad that we only have a few more years of 'play' with our kiddos. I wanted to keep my kids as little as possible-there is so much of life as an adult-I wanted childhood to be as childish as possible. Good luck-if you follow your heart you can't go wrong! Merry Christmas!

  2. I know what you mean. When i was a kid i remember that i ddnt freak out and that i slowly just figured it out, and eventually made fun of my parents for still playing the santa game when i knew it wasnt true anymore.Haha.
    I think tha focusing more on jesus and the reason for the season is what i would want to do but.... then agian ... if you just tell the story but make sure that he knows its not real, he might ruin it for those kids that do believe. but on the other hand he might be more willing to say "hey i know a better story .." it could go either way... So i can def see where your having an issue.
    I love you all
    miss you so much
    -Britney Smith

  3. We do both. We play up Santa (not to the extreme), because it adds to fun and excitement for the kids and makes Christmas that much more magical. But, we go to church every Sunday, and midnight mass on Christmas Eve every year, and teach them what the true meaning of Christmas is. I think there is a good medium of both. Carson just figured out this year that there is no Santa, and it's just a natural part of growing up =( He wasn't disappointed or anything- and he has kept the Santa charade going for Cal and even sat on his lap for his little brother..haha.


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