Spoiled Silly

What a night!!!  John took me out on the town as part of my Christmas gift.  I am truly a lucky (and spoiled) lady!  We went to the mall first to hit up the Pandora store where I got to sit at a counter while a sales lady catered to me and showed me tons of different charms.  John told me to pick as many as I wanted.  I originally wanted one for our wedding, one for Aaron, and one for Ethan.  Since we don't know if Ethan will be a February or March baby (I'm due Feb 25th) I couldn't decide on one for him yet but 2 charms looked silly on that big chain.  Sooooo  I got to pick a different one.  I decided it was important to include a charm symbolizing my faith in Jesus Christ since he made everything else possible in the first place.  So I picked the Faith, Hope, and Love charm which had a cross, a heart, and an anchor on it.  I also picked a wedding bell to symbolize John and I, and a mother of pearl heart design charm to symbolize Aaron as he was born in June and his birthstone is pearl.  I have the February or March one picked out already but we'll hold off until after Ethan is born.  It looks gorgeous!!  And I've already gotten compliments on it!  Thank you honey for such a wonderful Christmas gift! 

Then it was off to dinner.  John wanted to make it a special night so we went to Ruth's Chris on the plaza for a steak dinner.  It was FABULOUS!!  If you haven't eaten there before and are looking for a fantastic steak with equally wonderful service, this is the place.  My steak melted in my mouth - which is hard to do when I like my steak cooked medium well but it was deliciously tender!  Ethan approved and kicked throughout much of the meal.  I wonder if he was as happy about beef as I was or if he simply was running out of room.  Could have been either since I killed the whole thing.  No dinner leftovers for me.  I ate all 11 beautiful fillet ounces and reveled in the sizzling butter it was served on.  It's true, everything really is better with butter!  Dessert was great too but I only lasted for two bites and boxed the rest.... breakfast!! Haha!  All in all, it was a GREAT night.  Thank you honey - you are the best!!!!