A Very Merry Christmas! (Part 1)

I feel like I'm backing up on the blog posts but there is just so much to write about!!! 

Christmas Celebration Part 1 - The Thies Side

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve morning party at Chelsee's house.  The table was beautifully set with cute Christmas dishes as we grazed around a huge spread of breakfast food including Egg Bake (Breakfast casserole), biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, chocolate covered strawberries, orange juice spritzers and coffee.  We drew names this year which worked out great and we had fun opening each others gifts and stockings.  Then we also had a gift exchange that we brought a gift for as well and played the white elephant game.

Aaron got lots of neat toys, some books, and even some DVDs.  I know I'll miss some stuff if I try to list everything we got!  John and I are both so grateful for our gifts and for such an awesome family.  It was nice to have Grammy in town to celebrate with us too.  After breakfast and presents, it was off to the movies for the annual Thies Christmas movie.  We went to see the Tourist.  It was not bad, but not quite what it was hyped up to be either.  Oh well - it was the experience.  Grandma and Granddad Farnsworth watched Aaron - or rather he took his nap at their house - while mommy and daddy got to go to the movie.  We later picked Aaron up and went back to Nanny and Papa's to play with his new stash!  We're keeping most of the toys over there and I know that he can't wait to go back to play with them some more!  Thank you everyone for making Christmas so great!  We love you!