35 Weeks

I'm big.  I mean really big.  I feel like a [insert any large animal here].  I saw my doctor on Wednesday morning and my BP was a little on the rise.  It was not alarming yet as there is no other worry-some symptoms such as swelling, protein in my urine, or major weight gain but 148/86 is a little higher than what I've been averaging.  Since I had such high BP with Aaron, I'm now starting a weekly visit to the doctor's office.  I'm praying that I won't have the same issues with Ethan as I did with Aaron.  (i.e. 3 weeks of bed rest ending in an induction a week early.)

35 Weeks 

I won't lie, the week early thing is enticing.  I feel much more uncomfortable than I did with Aaron.  Maybe my mind blocked that part out.  It seems to fade away after you get the beautiful blessing at the end.  I am extremely exhausted all the time.  I feel I could sleep at any moment and I have little energy to chase Aaron around.  I also stress and subsequently cry over the dumbest things.  I can't seem to calm myself about the usual:  finances, getting the rooms ready, not getting sleep, being so tired... you name it, I'm probably obsessing over it.

Ethan seems to be perfectly healthy however - bouncing around like a jelly bean.  Well actually he's more like rolling around now.  I can't imagine he has much room to do anything!  He wakes me up at night - getting me ready for the ol' middle of the night routine.

Meanwhile we have decided to finish our basement thanks to my amazing dad's help!  It is going to be fabulous when it's finished and we'll be able to move the office downstairs and have two bedrooms upstairs.  So it looks like the boys will be able to have seperate rooms after all.  At least until Ethan won't wake up Aaron in the middle of the night anymore.  Then we might put them together so they can have a room buddy.  We'll see.  We meant to transition Aaron to a big boy bed BEFORE Ethan was born but it looks like we won't be ready for that for a few months still.  Oh well.  Maybe it will be good for Aaron to get special attention with his new bed after Ethan arrives.

 I'm very excited to meet my little E-man and ready to get my body back!  Well at least most of it - I can handle nursing. : )


    just thought I should inform you.
    I love you
    cant wait to meet e-man

  2. Mom wants you to take extra special care of yourself this last month! Rest as much as you can and watch the salt intake. Put your feet up when you can. Above all, CALL me if you need someone to help out with Aaron. Nanny will come get him or just come out and play with him so you can nap. Love you beautiful mommy:-)


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