Bed Rest

Well the curse of 36 weeks has arrived...

First let me say that I was sick last night - really sick.  I threw up 3 times as well as, you know, the other direction, 3 times.  I was crampy to the point of tears and it lasted from about 5:30 to midnight.  I was finally able to fall asleep around 1 am and luckily this morning I was feeling a little better.  I had a doctor appt already scheduled for today so I dropped Aaron off with Amy so I didn't have to drag him with me.

When I arrived I found out that I had lost 5 lbs - probably from last nights episode - and my BP was 152/92 which is too high.  They had me rest and then took it again - 142/90 this time.  Based on my experiences with Aaron, I was admitted to the hospital for further monitoring and tests to make sure I am not Preeclamptic.  So far it's just high BP I'm dealing with.  I stayed for a few hours and then was discharged and placed on bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy.  As long as I laid on my left side, my BP was under control.  I am also required to get 2 non-stress tests per week from here on out, in addition to my weekly normal checkup. 

This is all the same story as it was with Aaron, right down to the 36 week mark, and he ended up coming a week early by induction.  I think it's safe to say that Ethan will be a February baby and not March!  I'm feeling OK right now - just tired and a little concerned that this is happening again.  Of course it could have to do with the bug I got last night which caused me to be dehydrated and have the high BP.  Here's hoping, but I'm not holding my breath since it was already on the rise last week.

It should be quite interesting being on bed rest with a toddler but thankfully I have a lot of help from family and friends!  I'll keep you posted.... looks like only a few weeks now. : )


  1. One more day of work for Nanny and then it's playtime! Hope you can make it through tomorrow honey. Love you!

  2. Thanks mom! Teresa got someone to cover for her tomorrow so he's going to hang out over there for a while. He's going to have so much fun with his Nanny and Grandma over the next few weeks! : ) John has a few days off coming up too. I think we'll just be taking it a few days at a time. I might need to borrow you on Mondays for my non-stress tests if you're off work. They want me to go on Monday and Thursday.


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