Boys and thier Toys

This year for Christmas John got a few Jeeps to add to his collection of Jeep stuff.  Toy Jeeps that is!  One is a Wrangler Rescue Jeep we've named "JK."  This was given to him from his parents and it's a great little toy with real headlights!  The other is a Rubicon Muddin' Jeep we've named "Rubi".  This was for Aaron from Grandma Great, hand selected by Papa who is excited to play with us too!  We can't wait to take it outside when the weather is nice!

Today however, the weather was pretty cold and Aaron is getting quite tired of being cooped up inside.  So daddy decided that we should make an indoor playground for the Jeeps to play in.  Out came the mats and the tunnel and the rest, well you'll just have to watch....


  1. And the coolest mom EVER award goes to....

    KRISTIN!! Seriously. You are an awesome mama to boys ;) You just made a toy Jeep music video. That is awesome! lol!! LOVE IT!! Aaron and Ethan are lucky boys :)

  2. You are too funny!!! It was a lot of fun. : ) Thank you.


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