Communication Changes

We finally did it and switched to Century Link instead of Time Warner Cable for our internet.  We'll see how this goes.  The hope is that our speed will be comparable and CONSISTANT as we were having all sorts of problems with Time Warner.  We also decided that it was silly to pay for our home phone as we both have cell phones so we have canceled our house phone in an effort save even more money. 

That said, if you need to contact us, please call either of our cell phones:

John:      913-709-6462
Kristin:   913-709-3624

We have set up our phones to ring through our cordless phones inside the house so there should never be a time while at home that you cannot reach us at these numbers.

Also, our email addresses have changed so if you would like to email us, please use these emails:


Our house phone number is no longer in service and our old emails will be obsolete in the next week.