Feeling Good

So you know the phrase, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?"  That would be why I haven't posted anything in a few days.  Since last week, Aaron has gotten the puke bug that I had and now so has John.  I've had a significant roller-coaster of emotions going on over the last few days ranging from mopiness and sadness (over anything), irritability and guilt from acting on my irritability (my poor, poor hubby), to extreme exhaustion and weariness, to stress over my inability to "nest" the way I want, and finally anxiety over the prospect of having two little ones while John is working nights.  All of which cause ridiculous amounts of tears that leak like a faucet.  It's the most retarded and frustrating thing about being pregnant.

BUT... today was a good day!  Hooray!!  I've been generally happy all day and not too tired.  I folded a bunch of laundry and spent much needed time with Aaron who was actually in a good (and cuddly) mood.  Then I took him over to Nanny's while I went to my appointment today.  It was a non-stress test which turned out great.  Baby Ethan is doing well and is very active.  My blood pressure was down (130/80) which was a relief to hear.  She waited until I had finished the NST which meant I got to rest for about 20 minutes before hand.  I'm not sure what it was when I arrived.  That is the thing though, when I'm up and about, so is my BP.  But just a little bit of rest brings it right back down.  That's why I'm on bed rest.  As long as I can keep this under control, I'm golden!

I'm ready for the snow storm tomorrow.  No plans to go anywhere.  The pantry/fridge is stocked and my house is pretty well picked up so here's to a day of rest.... as long as Aaron doesn't get too stir crazy!!!

John on the other hand, is scheduled to work which means he'll be on his way to work around 6pm.... during the worst part of the storm!  I think he's secretly excited for the challenge.