Snow Day!

When it snows - everyday is a snow day since I don't have to go into work and Aaron doesn't have school yet!  But today was a special day in the snow as daddy was able to join us.  It was the first time we really took Aaron out in the good ol' white stuff and played around with sleds.  Tomorrow we're going sledding for real - at least daddy and Aaron are while mommy watches!  I don't think I'll be getting back on a sled for a while still after my broken leg incident a few years back.  Aaron was absolutely delighted to run around, and be drug around, in the snow!  It was the highlight of my day to hear him giggle as daddy or mommy pulled him around with Ellie chasing us.  **Special thanks to cousins Angela and Nicole in New York for giving us the awesome boys snow gear!**  He sure was a little bundled marshmallow!


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