Baby Ethan Update

I'm really glad we got so much done last week because it seems we may be meeting our sweet baby boy within a week or so!  I went to the doctor yesterday (Monday) and wouldn't you know... my BP was elevated back to the 150's/90's.  Eeek!  I guess I should have taken bed rest a little more seriously but John took my BP a couple of times and it was fine - which by the way is the ONLY reason Dr. Swartzman didn't send me to be induced yesterday! 

John is to monitor my BP and report back to her.  It seems under control right now - not perfect but not really high.  I have a NST on Thursday and if it's elevated then she will induce Friday or sometime this weekend.  If not she says we can wait until next week and see how my Tuesday appointment goes.  It's looking like February 16th might just be the day.  We'll see!!!!  I was pretty nervous and bummed that I'm here yet again looking at induction instead of Ethan coming when he's ready.  But, I've had some time to dwell on it and I've decided that I'm super excited to meet him and ready to be done being pregnant!