Baby tommorow? Maybe...

My NST today was a little abnormal - not terrible but when your doctor is out of the office and a different doctor looks at your stuff they are a little more cautious.  My BP was actually in check, relatively speaking, but Ethan was just not moving around much.  I was sent to get a sonogram and he looks pretty healthy.  He has plenty of fluid and he's breathing which means his lungs are developed.  He scored a 6 out of 8.  (I honestly don't really know what that means for sure but it's not bad.)

I have been asked to check into the hospital tomorrow for another NST to check on Ethan again and to monitor my BP.  I go in at 3:30 and hopefully will get to come back home but if things aren't just right then I might be induced.  I don't know how big the chance is for me to be induced but we'll see.  (Part of me is secretly super excited to maybe meet him so soon.)  Tonight John took my BP before work and it is up in the 150's/90's again.  Blah.  We didn't call anyone to tell them.... I'll ride it out until tomorrow.  I'll be putting Aaron down for bed soon and then it's Hypno Babies for me!