Bed Rest? Well....

This week I have felt great!  Aside from some crampy Braxton Hicks, I have no complaints.  My BP has been under control even when I go out to grocery shop!  It's nice having a nurse at home who can take your blood pressure whenever.  My two NST went great and Ethan is doing well.  Plus my BP was down at each of those appointments.  I didn't get to see my doctor at all last week due to the weather so I'm not sure if I've progressed any farther but I see her on Monday.

So about this bed rest thing...  Yes, I'm still technically on it and most likely will not be taken off of it but I must say that I haven't really been following doctors orders where this is concerned.  As long as my BP is under control, I have no other preeclamptic symptoms, and I'm feeling great, I see no reason to sit around and do nothing.  So it's back to our house projects!  A couple of you have requested to see some of our progress.  While we have a ways to go here is what we're working on...

First - The Basement.  Dad and John have been working on creating an office for us downstairs.  It's going to be great!
. So the cubbyholes you see will house 12 different plastic bins and have white doors to cover them.  That way I can organize and store stuff like out of season clothes, craft supplies, extra blankets, etc.

This is looking in from the door.  The left wall will have a built in desk on it and the there will be a built in book case straight ahead, next to the window.

This is a messy shot, but it's the laundry room.  When you walk in the basement this is what you will see first.  Someday it will be finished too but for now, it will be left alone.  We'll probably do some little things to make it seem more finished but right now that darn heating unit is in the way.

Aside from the basement, we will be making Aaron a new room where the old office was.  This is the border we have picked out.  As you may have guessed, this will be a Jeep themed room and John could not be more excited to get started on it!

Of course that means Aaron's old room will soon be Ethans and we have some minor plans for it but haven't started yet.  It will be similar but instead of Noah's Arc, we are going with a teddy bear theme.  For now, he has a temporary "dresser" set up in our bedroom and we'll use the Pack N Play for him to sleep in.

Then there is the living room.  Piece by piece we are trying to make it more homey since taking our house off the market.  So far we've added curtains (this is before I got the wrinkles out), put up my wall words that I got for Christmas, and put in a new couch (Thanks Chelsee and Jay!).

It's coming along slowly but surely.  Perhaps one of the biggest jobs is in the garage.  I'll spare you a picture - just take my word for it, it's full of stuff to go through and either give away, sell, or pitch.

These won't all be done before Ethan gets here - in fact it will probably be late spring before everything gets finished!!  I promise I'm not over-doing it for all those worry-worts out there.  John is doing most of the work!  He keeps telling me I'm making the honey-do list longer even as he's finishing up something.  I can't help it!  I have an extreme case of nesting going on!


  1. oh my!
    so many changesss!
    i love love love it!

    the basement looks awesome..for real.
    and i love the wall words. very cool.

    love you and miss you


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