Ethan William Farnsworth

Our sweet baby boy was born February 12th at 6:40pm weighing 8 pounds, 2 ounces, 20.5 inches long.  We are so in love with our new addition to the family!  What an amazing miracle we have been blessed with.  Ethan is a healthy happy little boy and mommy is feeling great too. 

 Big brother is adjusting but is finally loving on his little brother more and more.  Daddy has been so wonderful and has transitioned back into baby mode like a pro - even on next to no sleep! (He worked the last two nights before Ethan was born with only a few hours of sleep.)  It is so sweet to see Aaron give Ethan a hug.  I'm sure we have some tiring days ahead of us but we are looking forward to growing together as a family of four.  John doesn't have to go back to work until March 3rd so we plan to have plenty of family bonding time. 

Birth story to come later...


  1. What a beautiful family. We love you guys so much. Way to go Kristin, I'm glad this one went faster for you. John I'm proud you were able to make it through with little to no sleep. Proud of you both.


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